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To Develop “a City With Aquatic Amenity”, We Need Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology.
Rapid urbanization has led to clearing of woodlands and paving of the earth. As a result, rainwater now flows directly to the receiving waters such as rivers, instead of seeping down to the earth.
This leads to serious problems such as floods in cities, decrease of river low flows, deteriorating water quality and depletion of ground water resources.
Rainwater storage and infiltration technology provides a highly effective means for solving such problems, not only for preventing flood damages but also for improving living environment.
In the past, Japanese government has implemented comprehensive flood mitigation measures mainly with conventional river improvements and additional improvements through retarding basins and regulating reservoirs. However, in recent times, a movement to emphasize on rainwater storage and infiltration as an alternative technology is gaining more and more support.
The technology draws considerable attention as measures to protect cities from floods and provide “the aquatic amenity” to urban inhabitants. We are doing our best to establish and promote the technology in order to contribute towards the improvement of national life.

※Update January 11,2018


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Association for Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology
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